India vs England

Match info: India v England ODI Series 2013 at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium - 4th ODI

Date: 23rd Jan 2013 Umpires: S J Davis and S Asnani

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


258/5 (47.3 Overs)



257/7 (50.0 Overs)

India win by 5 wickets

  • India win by five wickets!!

    And win the one-day series!! Jadeja hits the winning runs to end on 21 not out. Raina played superbly alongside him and finishes unbeaten on 89. England were probably 30 runs short of where they wanted to be and another rather toothless bowling display followed. Plenty for Giles, Cook et al to ponder ahead of the fifth and final ODI on Sunday. Make sure you join us again for that one
  • Over 47 - India 255-5 (Raina 89, Jadeja 18)

    Bresnan receives a ticking off from the umpire after a variation i've not seen before - throwing the ball with his left hand, catching it with his right and then bowling. Worth a try I suppose... Seems to have all been done in good humour. Just three more required for victory
  • Over 46 - India 251-5 (Raina 86, Jadeja 17)

    Just seven more required as Raina and Jadeja settle for two singles apiece off Dernbach's latest set of six. It's been another disappointing match for Dernbach and you can't help but wonder what the outcome of the series would have been had Anderson, Broad, Swann been available...
  • Over 45 - India 247-5 (Raina 84, Jadeja 15)

    Raina has cashed in superbly on his life, it must be said. He piles into Bresnan, for whom the word superb cannot be used in any way, taking him for six more over mid-off. The over costs eight and the end is nigh for England
  • Over 44 - India 239-5 (Raina 77, Jadeja 14)

    Tredwell finishes with credible figures of 2-54. They are tarnished somewhat in his final over when Jadeja sweeps for a boundary and four further singles are added. The Kent man has 11 wickets in the series with one match to play. Just 19 more required for victory
  • Over 43 - India 231-5 (Raina 75, Jadeja 8)

    A tight Root over is ruined final ball when Raina deftly tickles a quicker delivery past fine-leg and away to the boundary. So many runs have come in that region today - a reflection of how poorly England have bowled
  • Over 42 - India 225-5 (Raina 70, Jadeja 7)

    Tredwell's ninth over slips by without reward. Five singles added by India, who are cantering towards a series win out in Mohali. Another 33 needed
  • Over 41 - India 220-5 (Raina 67, Jadeja 6)

    Close! Root returns and thinks he has Jadeja lbw! Umpire Asnani disagrees but that looked mighty close. Jadeja rubs salt into England's wounds with a thin edge next ball which sails through the vacant slip region at catchable height and away for four. 'Ifs' 'buts' 'maybes' for England
  • Over 40 - India 215-5 (Raina 66, Jadeja 2)

    WICKET! Hope! Out of nowhere! Dhoni will be kicking himself after slapping a short, wide delivery from Dernbach straight to Morgan at backward point. The India skipper trudges off having made 19. Jadeja is the new man and he gets off the mark in confident fashion with two through midwicket. Better from Dernbach though and India need 43 from the last 10ovs...
  • Over 39 - India 213-4 (Raina 66, Dhoni 19)

    Bresnan has a slip but Cook might be inclined to move him to leg slip the way he is bowling. The line is far too straight and Raina milks him behind square on the on-side and to the boundary on two occasions. Truly dreadful bowling. The partnership between these two passes 50 and the victory target is just 45 runs away
  • Over 38 - India 201-4 (Raina 56, Dhoni 18)

    India take an unofficial drinks break at the start of Finn's last over. England watch Dhoni & Raina drink, change gloves, talk about this evening's plans... When play finally resumes another five runs are added to take India past 200. Finn ends with 1-39 from his 10 overs. You can debate amongst yourselves whether he should have finished with two in the end tally
  • Over 37 - India 196-4 (Raina 53, Dhoni 14)

    Bresnan is back but he can't stop Raina reaching his 27th ODI 50. In fact, he aids him if anything. The India No.5 tucks two, twos through the leg-side and then gets to his landmark with a thick edge which sails through gully and down to the third-man fence. England's body language is not good. The phantom wicket has really rocked them. 14 off a poor over from Bresnan
  • Over 36 - India 182-4 (Raina 43, Dhoni 13)

    What was I saying about it not being England's day?? Well I think this pretty much sums it up. Finn draws Raina into a loose drive and the edge sails straight to Cook at first slip and he gobbles up the catch. The only flaw - the umpire gives deal ball. Finn had disturbed the stumps with his knobbly knees! England are furious, I think that's the first time it's happened all day. Cook protests with umpire Davis, but he's having none of it. Raina was halfway off the field but comes back for a second go. Four singles off the over
  • Over 35 - India 178-4 (Raina 41, Dhoni 11)

    Root returns in an attempt to fill some of these spare overs. He's doing a sterling job, too. Raina drives him for four through extra cover but the young Yorkie comes back well, beating him on the outside and conceding only a further single. Batting powerplay time...
  • Over 34 - India 173-4 (Raina 36, Dhoni 11)

    Best way to respond to someone trying to knock your head off? On-drive them down the ground for four. Superb batting from Dhoni and funnily enough no stare from Finn afterwards...85 required from 96 balls. England's main problem is finding five more overs from their 'fifth bowler'
  • Over 33 - India 168-4 (Raina 35, Dhoni 7)

    Very tense out in the middle now. Raina and Dhoni look intent on running each other out. Pietersen's shy at the stumps is off target with Raina diving to make his ground and the India batsmen then almost shake hands in the middle before Raina retreats back to the non-striker's end! Gotta love this game. Bresnan is the new bowler by the way and his comeback over costs just three runs
  • Over 32 - India 165-4 (Raina 34, Dhoni 5)

    WICKET! Finn strikes! First ball back! And it's Rohit! A rather questionable lbw verdict it must be said but England don't care one jot. Rohit trudges off for 83 after getting pinned by a delivery which nipped back sharply off the seam. It looked high and leg-sideish and replays confirm it's not umpire Davis' best decision... It's given England a sniff though and in comes Dhoni...Four first ball! He means business. MSD shuffles across his stumps and tickles the ball fine to the boundary. Appeal! Close! Finn thinks he has Dhoni lbw next ball but replays show he just got outside the line. Good decision from the ump this time. It's all happening here! Finn is pumped!
  • Over 31 - India 158-3 (Rohit 83, Raina 33)

    There has been a boundary in each of the last seven overs now as the game and continues to drift away from England. Rohit adds another with a cheeky sweep off Tredwell. Samit gives chase and even throws in a dive but his efforts are in vain. Exactly 100 required. Time for Finn?
  • Over 30 - India 151-3 (Rohit 77, Raina 32)

    Can Dernbach pull a rabbit out of the hat for England here?... No. Another double-figure over as Raina ups the ante. The left-hander was slightly fortunate to see a swipe land just over mid-on, but there was no luck in his final shot of the over, a powerful pull over midwicket for four more. This partnership is now worth 61 off 44 balls and is developing into a match-winning one

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