India vs England

Match info: India v England ODI Series 2013 at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium - 1st ODI

Date: 11th Jan 2013 Umpires: S J Davis and S Ravi

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


316/9 (50.0 Overs)



325/4 (50.0 Overs)

England win by 9 runs

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  • England win by nine runs

    Superb win for England. The top order set things up, and Patel's 20-ball 44 not out at the back end of the innings proved crucial. England's quick men were poor overall but did a decent job at the death, while Tredwell's 4/44 was also a crucial contribution on a day when plenty played their part. England's first win against India in India since April 2006.
  • Over 50 - India 316/9 (Kumar 20, Ishant 7)

    Ishant nicks the first ball of the over past a diving Kieswetter for four, but Dernbach responds superbly and gives India's last pair nothing to go at for the rest of the over. England win a fabulous game of cricket by nine runs.
  • Over 49 - India 307/9 (Kumar 18, Ishant 1)

    Good news for England - Ishant Sharma takes a single from the last ball of the over to keep the strike. Kumar's looked capable with the bat. Certainly he looks more likely to hit 18 off an over than Ishant does.
  • WICKET! Dinda b Bresnan 3

    Kumar edges to the third-man boundary to keep Englandn on their toes, but a classical yorker from Bresnan makes a mess of Dinda's stumps and leaves India nine down and still 19 short of their target with just seven balls remaining.
  • Over 48 - India 299/8 (Kumar 13, Dinda 1)

    Going to need something special from India's tail now. Patel's 44 not out looking so, so important.
  • WICKET! Ashwin c Kieswetter b Finn 13

    Ashwin thrashes a four over midwicket to set England nerves jangling again but then nicks a short ball through to Kieswetter to settle them once again.
  • Over 47 - India 292/7 (Ashwin 8, Kumar 11)

    India going down swinging as Kumar flashes an on-the-up drive through the covers for four and then gets two after splicing a bouncer agonisingly over a backpedalling Bell at cover. A guide to third-man brings a single and gets Ashwin back on strike. Ashwin goes back in his crease and right across his stumps, but can only dig a perfect yorker out to midwicket for a single. Kumar squirts the next ball to deep point for two runs and keeps the strike with a single from the final ball. Great over for India, who now need 34 runs from the last three...
  • Over 46 - India 281/7 (Ashwin 8, Kumar 1)

    Ashwin carves Finn behind point for four. It's still not really any fun for bowlers. Ashwin aims a big hit into the legside to end the over, and miscues it to midwicket for an easy two.
  • Over 45 - India 273/7 (Ashwin 1, Kumar 0)

    That's the over that decides the game. Dernbach removes the last two batsmen (with apologies to Ashwin) to leave India's bowlers with surely too much to do.
  • WICKET! Jadeja b Dernbach 7

    Dernbach's been pure awful today, but he's making a decisive contribution at the back end of proceedings as Jadeja bottom-edges an attempted pull shot into his stumps. Dernbach goes wild as he celebrates, and this match is surely now England's.
  • WICKET! Dhoni c Root b Dernbach 32

    Big wicket. Dhoni tries to clear long-off but doesn't get enough on Dernbach's slower ball and picks out Root.
  • Over 44 - India 269/5 (Dhoni 32, Jadeja 5)

    Dhoni doing what Dhoni does. He is sensational at chasing down totals. Bresnan the latest bowler on the receiving end as India's captain hammers the ball down the ground for six. Target now 57 off six overs. If Dhoni's not out, India win.
  • Over 43 - India 257/5 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 1)

    Incredible from Dhoni. He blasts Patel down the ground for a regulation six and then, two balls later, is completely beaten in the flight yet, one-handed, manages to deposit the ball over the ropes at midwicket. Fourteen runs from the over to bring India's task back below 10 an over.
  • Over 42 - India 243/5 (Dhoni 12, Jadeja 0)

    Despite Dhoni launching a huge six over midwicket in that over, Tredwell ends his spell with magnificent figures of 4/44. India's required rate above 10 an over now, but there's still batting available. Master finisher Dhoni joined by Jadeja with Ashwin still to come.
  • WICKET! Raina c & b Tredwell 50

    No doubt this time. Raina's let-off from the third umpire allows him to reach 50 but no more as he tries to work Tredwell to leg and gets a leading edge straight back to the bowler. Four wickets for Tredwell - could be a match-winning performance.
  • Over 41 - India 235/1 (Raina 49, Dhoni 5)

    That Raina controversy shouldn't mask the fact that England have got a couple of cheap overs in at a crucial time.
  • Over 40 - India 231/4 (Raina 46, Dhoni 4)

    Huge moment here. Raina carves Finn to third-man where Bresnan takes a low 'catch'. He's absolutely convinced he's got his fingers underneath the ball and celebrates instantly and instinctively. The umpires check upstairs and, after seeing a couple of inconclusive replays, the third umpire rules it not out. England's players are surrounding the umpires pleading their case, but it will make no difference. For what it's worth, I think the catch was good and Bresnan got his fingers underneath the ball, but the foreshortening effect of the replays created doubt.
  • Over 39 - India 228/4 (Raina 45, Dhoni 2)

    Raina miscues Dernbach in the air towards mid-off, but Cook gets his angles all wrong and in the end can't even get to the ball before it hits the ground. He ran round it rather, instead of cutting down the angle. The ball was in the air a long time, and he probably should've got there. Raina takes advantage of that let-off by pouncing on more leg-stump rubbish from Dernbach by hitting him over midwicket and then down to fine-leg. Lack of discipline again from an England seamer.
  • Over 38 - India 218/4 (Raina 36, Dhoni 1)

    Better over from Finn, who's been so disappointing tonight. Just three singles off the over as the required rate hits nine.
  • Over 37 - India 215/4 (Raina 34, Dhoni 0)

    In their understandable quest to avoid bowling width, England have instead bowled some horrible filth on the pads today. Dernbach the latest guilty party as Raina swings the ball awawy for another boundary. A wide long-hop is thrashed pointwards by Dhoni, and a diving Morgan almost pulls off a sensational catch but does manage to save a certain four.

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