England vs South Africa

Match info: England v South Africa ODI Series 2012 at Lord's - 4th ODI

Date: 2nd Sep 2012 Umpires: R K Illingworth and S J A Taufel

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


224/4 (46.4 Overs)


South Africa

220/8 (50.0 Overs)

England win by 6 wickets

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  • End of innings

    England win the fourth ODI at Lord's by six wickets with 20 deliveries to spare. Barring a couple of lapses in the slips, they played like the better side all day. They operated as a unit with the ball, and it was telling that Bopara and Tredwell - essentially the back-up bowlers - took most of the wickets. South Africa again suffered due to their inability to put a decisive partnership together. Compare that to England's effort. Through Trott and Bell's 141-run stand for the second wicket, the home side turned the match decisively in their favour. Apart from Steyn, who bowled a bristling opening spell, the South African bowlers appeared a particularly flat and uninspired bunch. They'll have to pick themselves up for the fifth match at Trent Bridge on Wednesday if South Africa are to level the series. England, though, will take the No. 1 ODI status with them to India come what may. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage of today's game, and do tune in again on Wednesday. Goodbye!
  • Over 47 - Eng 224/4 (Morgan 36, Kieswetter 21)

    The fat lady bursts into song with Steyn's return. Kieswetter smites his first delivery to the midwicket boundary, and then top-edges another attempted heave over keeper and slip for four more. Kieswetter then finishes things off with great style and panache, smoking the world's best fast bowler over long off for six. England take the match, and a 2-1 lead in the series.
  • Over 46 - Eng 207/4 (Morgan 36, Kieswetter 5)

    Morgan takes England closer with three boundaries off a hapless McLaren. The first arrives with a paddle to the fine leg boundary off a slow offcutter, the second with a loft down the ground and the third with a dismissive hook shot. If England win this game, Nick Knight has just told the world, they will remain No. 1 in ODIs no matter what happens in the final match.
  • Over 45 - Eng 195/4 (Morgan 24, Kieswetter 5)

    Such flourish from Kieswetter! He leans forward to drive Parnell, and though he doesn't get his front foot anywhere near in line, he flings his arms through the path of the ball to send it screaming to the extra cover boundary. That's quite a way to get off the mark. Parnell responds by coming round the wicket and hurries Kieswetter's pull before ending the over by beating the outside edge of an airy drive.
  • Over 44 - Eng 189/4 (Morgan 23, Kieswetter 0)

    WICKET! The final throw of the dice from de Villiers, bringing Steyn back on, results in the wicket of Ian Bell. Bell gave himself some room while trying to uppercut a Steyn bouncer, but succeeded only in sending a top edge through to de Villiers, who leapt straight up to hold the catch one-handed. England need 32 from 36 ...
  • Over 43 - Eng 186/3 (Bell 88, Morgan 21)

    Another reasonable over from Parnell, who looks steady without threatening to rip through England's middle order. A nudge to midwicket brings two, and a brace of singles into the leg side makes it four from the over.
  • Over 42 - Eng 182/3 (Bell 87, Morgan 18)

    Robin Peterson returns to the attack, but he loses his length and Morgan spanks a long-hop to midwicket for his second boundary. The six runs England take from the over are one more than they need, per over, to win from here. Apart from that utterly disgusting short ball, not a bad over from Peterson. England's score reaches 182. Speaking of which, I wonder if Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus ever goes to the cricket? He lives in London, in South Kensington (don't ask me how or why I know that), and he was in attendance at several of the Olympic events.
  • Over 41 - Eng 176/3 (Bell 86, Morgan 13)

    Bell runs past a full toss from Parnell, but then moves to 85 with a lofted slice out to deep point. Parnell responds by rattling Bell's splice with an effort ball, and seems to have regained his radar as he keeps the England batsmen to just three runs from the over. The required run rate has crept up to five an over. It's no great shakes, but a wicket or two could put some jitters in the England line-up. Such a breakthrough looks unlikely, it must be said.
  • Over 40 - Eng 173/3 (Bell 83, Morgan 13)

    McLaren beats Morgan's outside edge but then shoots one very wide to take South Africa's extras count to 21 - the third highest scorer in the match so far. Just to confuse us all he then bends his back to extract a little extra bounce from the track and beat Morgan once again. Sums up South Africa's day. They haven't bowled badly, just inconsistently.
  • Over 39 - Eng 170/3 (Bell 82, Morgan 12)

    Parnell replaces Steyn, Morgan moving into double figures with a steer down to third man for two. A single to midwicket makes it three from the over, and England need around 4.5 runs from every over to get home from here. It should be fairly straightforward. Should be ...
  • Over 38 - Eng 167/3 (Bell 82, Morgan 9)

    McLaren is a far easier proposition than Steyn, and Morgan walks into a cracking straight drive to collect the first boundary of his innings. The left-hander adds three more with a well-timed nurdle to deep midwicket, and England are back up and running after the wicket as eight runs flow from the over.
  • Over 37 - Eng 159/3 (Bell 81, Morgan 2)

    The newly copper-topped Steyn continues from the Pavilion End as a touch of rain hangs in the air. He's treated with circumspection by Morgan, who is happy to leave outside off but also tries to thread the cover-point field. Steyn keeps him back in his crease with a zippy bouncer to end the over.
  • Over 36 - Eng 157/3 (Bell 80, Morgan 1)

    WICKET! Bopara fails yet again, and South Africa snaffle their third wicket. Bopara played and missed at McLaren, but was then met halfway by the bowler in the ineptitude stakes as McLaren flung down a wide outside off. Not wanting to be outdone, Bopara hung is bat out limply at the next delivery to send a thin edge through to De Villiers. Will this give South Africa the opening they seek? Meanwhile, we've just heard that Trott will go for an x-ray on his hand tomorrow, so it appears the damage doesn't need urgent treatment.
  • Over 35 - Eng 155/2 (Bell 80, Bopara 6)

    As expected, the players are soon back out on the field. Bopara comes out swinging, fetching a Steyn short ball from outside off stump and crunching it past Tsotsobe at mid on. He hooks again to get a single down to long leg, and England need 66 from 15 overs, wit the Batting Powerplay due to begin in the very next over.
  • Over 34.1 - Rain Break

    Steyn is a different proposition altogether for a leaden-footed Bopara. He swings and misses outside off with two slips in place ... But South Africa's efforts are interrupted by the arrival of a late summer rainshower. The rain doesn't look too heavy, and we may well see play again soon. Will the precipitation juice up the wicket a touch? Might the enforced interval break Bell's concentration? The Duckworth-Lewis par score is 117, so England are at least well ahead of that.
  • Over 34 - Eng 150/2 (Bell 80, Bopara 1)

    De Villiers and co. look to rebuild some pressure, on Bopara, as Elgar continues. A slip is brought in, and Bopara pokes at a couple of deliveries before getting off the mark with a punch to extra cover. Just two runs from the over, which is a good one.
  • Over 33 - Eng 148/2 (Bell 79, Bopara 0)

    The pressure is eased as Bell laps a filthy long hop to the fine leg boundary, but the skittish Ravi Bopara plays and misses outside off and is unable to get off the mark to Tsotsobe.
  • Over 32 - Eng 143/2 (Bell 74, Bopara 0)

    WICKET! Finally, South Africa break through! They had to use their review to get there though. Elgar looped one down very full at Trott, who bent into a sweep. Ball dipped under bat and struck him on the left leg, and bowler and keeper went up in unison. Simon Taufel wasn't convinced, but after a short discussion South Africa asked the third umpire to take another look. The ball was pitching in line, and would've hit leg stump, and so is given out. A 141-run partnership is broken, and South Africa have a glimmer of hope.
  • Over 31 - Eng 141/1 (Bell 73, Trott 47)

    Bell is dropped by Peterson at mid-on! He was trying to go over the top to Tsotsobe but didn't get anything near the required elevation. Peterson slightly mistimed his leap and tried to catch the ball off balance, but could only palm it over the crossbar. That'll really deflate the visitors. To rub things in, Bell follows up the drop with a crunching pull to deep midwicket, and nine runs flow from the over.
  • Over 30 - Eng 132/1 (Bell 65, Trott 46)

    De Villiers brings Elgar's left-arm spinners back, but there's a dip in the intensity being faced by the batsmen as five singles are milked from the over. South Africa are really missing Kallis. They did with the bat, and now they are with the ball.

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