England vs South Africa

Match info: England v South Africa ODI Series 2012 at Kia Oval - 3rd ODI

Date: 31st Aug 2012 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and R A Kettleborough

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


212/6 (48.0 Overs)


South Africa

211 All out (46.4 Overs)

England win by 4 wickets

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  • End of innings

    England level the series with a four-wicket win at a floodlit Oval. South Africa stumbled today where England succeeded with both bat and ball. The visitors' best partnership was the 50 Smith and Amla put on. The game was turned decisively England's way by Trott and Morgan's 108-run stand for the fourth wicket. Morgan, in particular, played a game-changing knock. Tsotsobe had a distinctly off-colour day with the ball, deflating any pressure that had been built up every time he came on to bowl. But one can't blame the bowlers for the fact that South Africa simply didn't have enough runs to defend. The win means England move back to the top of the world one-day rankings, but I doubt we'll hear the sound of champagne corks popping in their dressing room. They've still got a series to win, and damaged pride to restore. Do join us for the fourth match of this series, to be played at Lord's on Sunday. Goodbye!
  • Over 48 - Eng 212/6 (Patel 13, Tredwell 1)

    Patel sees England home with two overs to spare! All the South African fielders came up to try and frustrate England, but Patel lofts the final ball over point to secure the win and the no. 1 spot for England.
  • Over 47 - Eng 207/6 (Patel 9, Tredwell 0)

    WICKET! Trott's vigil at the crease comes to an end as he feathers an angled length delivery from Parnell through to the keeper de Villiers. He departs for an obdurate, limpet-like, almost fatally boring but utterly necessary 71 from 125 deliveries. Parnell, who's displayed really impressive control today, ends with the figures of 1 for 23 from ten overs. England need just five to win from three overs.
  • Over 46 - Eng 206/5 (Trott 71, Patel 7)

    Trott moves into the 70s with a flick into the leg side and a hard-run two, after which Patel takes England within one stroke of victory with a dismissive punt to long on for a one-bounce four. Just about done and dusted are South Africa, who will hand the world No. 1 ODI status straight back to England after this defeat!
  • Over 45 - Eng 197/5 (Trott 68, Patel 3)

    There's a bizarre start to Parnell's over as he sends down a no-ball of almost Amir-esque proportions, overstepping massively and beating the outside edge. Patel then seems to forget all about the free hit, tapping gently to cover and almost running himself out while trundling through for a single. Trott restores order by batting out three dot balls in a row before steering to third man to retain the strike ...
  • Over 44 - Eng 194/5 (Trott 67, Patel 2)

    Peterson ends his fine spell with another tight over, just the three singles from it. Patel is off the mark with a glide into the off side, and England's required runs dip under 20.
  • Over 43 - Eng 191/5 (Trott 66, Patel 0)

    Another economical over from Parnell as he's brought back into the attack. Trott goes to 66 by working the ball into the leg side for a couple, but can't find another run from the over. He's done really well to occupy the crease and build a partnership with Morgan, but the man's batting is utterly featureless. He is the Salar de Uyuni of batting.
  • Over 42 - Eng 189/5 (Trott 64, Patel 0)

    WICKET! Robbie P drops a chance! He looped down a full toss at Kieswetter, which the batsman flapped straight back at him. He didn't pick it up and the ball popped straight in and out. Three deliveries later, however, the batsmen set off on a suicidal run after the ball goes straight to mid-on, and Kieswetter is run out by some sharp South African fielding.
  • Over 41 - Eng 188/4 (Trott 64, Kieswetter 13)

    Elgar replaces Peterson, but he can do little better as six runs come from the over. There is just a hint of a chance for the South Africans as Trott reverse-sweeps along the ground straight to short third man and the batsmen set off for a scampered single ... Parnell was the fielder there, and he fired a throw at the non-striker's end that would have caught Trott short, had it hit the stumps.
  • Over 40 - Eng 182/4 (Trott 62, Kieswetter 9)

    South Africa, searching for another wicket, call for a review after Robbie P raps Kieswetter on the pads, but the ball is sliding well down the leg side. Kieswetter celebrates his survival by stepping out of his crease to hoick Peterson over long on for six.
  • Over 39 - Eng 174/4 (Trott 62, Kieswetter 1)

    Morkel continues, and while he cannot force another breakthrough, but batsmen play him with circumspection. Kieswetter is off the mark with a tip-and-run into the leg side.
  • Over 38 - Eng 172/4 (Trott 61, Kieswetter 0)

    WICKET! De Villiers swaps Lopsy for Robbie P, and the left-arm spinner promptly draws a false stroke from Morgan, holding onto a spiralling top edge off his own bowling ... or does he? The ball dropped out of his hand as he went to throw it up in celebration, and Morgan rightfully stood his ground and waited for the umpire to make a decision as to whether Peterson was in complete control of that. Definite shades of the Gibbs '99 catch-that-wasn't, but eventually Morgan is sent on his way. South Africa were looking like a deflated unit in the field before that dismissal, with England looking to win this match at a canter. They should still win, of course, unless Trott retreats even further into his shell ...
  • Over 37 - Eng 167/3 (Morgan 70, Trott 59)

    De Villiers, in desperation, brings Morkel back with Elgar in place at a wide slip. Trott, who appears to be playing himself in for a not-out, blocks a couple before he can find a single to get Morgan on strike. The rather more exciting Irishman immediately spanks a drive past a diving mid-off to move to 70, and England's target is just 45 runs away now. If Morgan can get most of the strike, they'll sprint home in a jiffy and he may well reach a deserving ton.
  • Over 36 - Eng 160/3 (Morgan 66, Trott 56)

    My oh my, Morgan is unstoppable when he's in this sort of mood. He jumps out like Trumper at a Tsotsobe slower ball, creaming a six over extra cover. It just flew and flew and flew. Trott, whose strike rate has now dipped into the 50s, continues his yawn-fest of an innings, but it doesn't matter when Morgan's batting like this. All Trott needs to do is give him the strike. Ten runs flow from another expensive Tsotsobe over, and England now need just 52.
  • Over 35 - Eng 150/3 (Morgan 57, Trott 55)

    Steyn continues, and Morgan goes past Trott by stretching his arms out into a remarkable lofted drive to the deep extra cover boundary. There was plenty of bottom hand in the shot, and plenty of power too as he dismissed the ball from his presence. A disheartened Steyn leaks eight runs in the over, including a leg-side wide, and England are simply cruising now.
  • Over 34 - Eng 142/3 (Trott 54, Morgan 51)

    Lonwabo Tsotsobe comes into the attack after the short interval, aiming successive slower cutters at the stumps but succeeding only in chaperoning Eoin Morgan to a 54-ball fifty. The tall left-armer concedes six from the over, and can do nothing to stem England's advance.
  • Over 33 - Eng 136/3 (Trott 50, Morgan 49)

    De Villiers brings Steyn back, searching for the breakthrough, but Morgan promptly glances him to the fine leg boundary and then slices him to third man to join Trott on 49. It is, however, Trott who goes to fifty first, from 86 deliveries. Drinks come out onto the field at the end of the over, with England closing in on an equalising win.
  • Over 32 - Eng 129/3 (Trott 47, Morgan 44)

    The part-timer in Elgar is beginning to show as Morgan steps out to smear a full toss into the stands beyond the wide long-on boundary with a thunderous crack. That shot takes him into the 40s, and he may well now beat Trott to the half-century. England need just 83 to win now, with 18 overs to get them in. The partnership between these two has stretched to 65 in 14 overs.
  • Over 31 - Eng 121/3 (Trott 46, Morgan 37)

    A maiden for Parnell, but it wasn't for a lack of trying from Morgan. He aimed a succession of shots at backward point and mid on to no avail.
  • Over 30 - Eng 120/3 (Trott 46, Morgan 37)

    Elgar's record with the ball in domestic List A cricket is nothing special - 31 wickets in 89 games at an average of 47.38 and economy of 5.23 - but he's doing a great job for his country. His second over goes for just two runs and he succeeds in keeping Trott quiet for four dot balls in a row. That's not exactly the hardest job in international cricket, but still ...

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