England vs South Africa

Match info: England v South Africa ODI Series 2012 at Trent Bridge, Nottingham - 5th ODI

Date: 5th Sep 2012 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and R K Illingworth

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


182 All out (45.2 Overs)


South Africa

186/3 (34.3 Overs)

South Africa win by 7 wickets

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  • South Africa win by seven wickets

    The first truly international quality batting of the day proved more than enough to steer South Africa to a comfortable seven-wicket victory after England chucked their wickets away with abandon and the Proteas started their run-chase in similar fashion. Amla, the batsman who has lit up this often drab cricketing summer, fittingly the man to score the winning runs. The series ends 2-2, and England cling on to top spot in the rankings. Still three T20s to come; join us for the first of them on Saturday afternoon.
  • Over 35 - South Africa 186/3 (Amla 97, De Villiers 75)

    A laughable bouncer from Dernbach sails way over Amla's head but, with everyone smiling, the umpires decide that would be a rubbish way for the game to end. This one is better as Amla whips the ball behind square-leg for four to ensure the series ends 2-2. Which is probably about right.
  • Over 34 - South Africa 182/3 (Amla 93, De Villiers 75)

    De Villiers puts paid to Amla's century hopes with a reverse-swept four followed by a single before Tredwell almost bags a consolation wicket as he spins the ball through Amla's gate and Kieswetter gathers smartly before whipping the bails off. But Amla's back foot remains grounded, and he then cuts a single to keep the strike and bring the scores level. Amla now needs to hit a seven.
  • Over 33 - South Africa 176/3 (Amla 92, De Villiers 70)

    Two more boundaries for Amla, who suddenly has a century in his sights. An element of luck about both fours, though, one hit uppishly past cover and one a genuine edge wide of Kieswetter's despairing dive. Amla 12 short of a hundred, and South Africa 12 short of victory until Dernbach bowls another wide down the legside attempting a slower ball. Laughably, Dernbach complains about that entirely predictable decision when Amla is really the man with more to grumble about. A third boundary in the over from Amla that relies on no good fortune whatsoever as he hammers a cut shot past point. He's into the 90s now with a century still in his sights. Could've done without losing the strike, though, which he does after failing to find a single in the last couple of deliveries. Still a chance, though. Amla needs eight, South Africa need seven.
  • Over 32 - South Africa 163/3 (Amla 80, De Villiers 70)

    Tredwell back into the attack and disappointingly fails to take seven wickets in the over. Not really good enough. Amla slots him over wide long-off for the first six of the day. It's a lovely shot, and shrewdly aimed towards the new stand and shortest boundary. Not that it needed a short boundary: it's gone 20 rows back. Should settle the head-to-head as well, with Hashim now 10 runs clear.
  • Over 31 - South Africa 153/3 (Amla 72, De Villiers 68)

    A play and a miss from Amla. Collectors' item. Still four runs from Bopara's over, though, which is more than enough. Just 30 more to win now.
  • Over 30 - South Africa 149/3 (Amla 69, De Villiers 67)

    De Villiers blocks three balls in a row in a pretty shameless and transparent attempt to delay everyone going home. Come on, AB. Finish it off now.
  • Over 29 - South Africa 143/3 (Amla 66, De Villiers 65)

    Tight over from Bopara. Matters little, though.
  • Over 28 - South Africa 141/3 (Amla 65, De Villiers 64)

    Close! Amla gets a thick inside edge into his pads and as the ball comes to a halt on the crease De Villiers calls him through for a single. Foot race between Woakes in his followthrough and the batsman which De Villiers wins by the narrowest of margins. Smart work by Woakes, though, springting 20 yards and then flicking the ball into the stumps.
  • Over 27 - South Africa 138/3 (Amla 64, De Villiers 62)

    Amla eases into the lead, but is denied an even bigger advantage by a superb diving stop from Bell at mid-on after an Anderson half-volley was sent on what appeared to be a routine journey to the boundary. Just 45 to win now.
  • Over 26 - South Africa 132/3 (Amla 60, De Villiers 60)

    False shot! It's taken a while, but the powerplay finally creates a moment of uncertainty as De Villiers aims legside but gets a leading edge over gully that brings a couple of streaky runs. He adds a single before Amla gets a bonus run after dabbing to third-man only for Kieswetter to lose the throw in the lights and Bopara to doze off while backing up. Woakes then sends the next ball past the outside edge and can feel pretty hard done by in this over at least. Still level pegging in the Amla-De Villiers play-off as the bowling powerplay ends at a match-settling 42/0.
  • Over 25 - South Africa 126/3 (Amla 57, De Villiers 57)

    The main interest now will lie with people who've had a top bat wager on Amla or De Villiers. That remains too close to call as De Villiers draws level again with four through square-leg and a single to pinch the strike. Even Anderson making no impression now.
  • Over 24 - South Africa 117/3 (Amla 54, De Villiers 51)

    Dernbach's slower ball lets him down with a couple of wides down the legside, the second of which is muffed by Kieswetter who makes a fairly lazy effort to gather after it bounces in front of him and can only deflect it off his shin to allow two extra runs. With runs also coming from most of the legitimate deliveries in the over, there's 10 in total as this match speeds towards its now seemingly inevitable conclusion.
  • Over 23 - South Africa 107/3 (Amla 50, De Villiers 50)

    Anderson back into the attack with a slip in place. Smells like a last throw of the England dice. Two singles to start the over, with Amla's taking him to a typically elegant and classy half-century. England will be relieved to see the back of him after this summer. Another beautiful shot from De Villiers brings him four more straight down the ground and is met by almost total silence at Trent Bridge. England gave South Africa a scare at the start of this innings, but ultimately they just didn't get enough runs on a good pitch and fast outfield. De Villiers follows Amla to 50 with a single on the legside. Just 75 more needed for victory.
  • Over 22 - South Africa 100/3 (Amla 49, De Villiers 44)

    De Villiers drives Dernbach in the air but safely in the gap between extra-cover and mid-off before punching gloriously straight back past the bowler all along the ground for four more. A single takes the score to 100 and the victory target down to 83. De Villiers, amazingly still searching for his first international half-century of the summer, to 44.
  • Powerplay

    England take the bowling powerplay. Dernbach into the attack, with a whole bunch of slower balls I'd wager.
  • Over 21 - South Africa 90/3 (Amla 48, De Villiers 35)

    Tidy enough over from Bopara, but not the wicket-taking menace of his first. And England need wickets. And menace.
  • Over 20 - South Africa 87/3 (Amla 46, De Villiers 34)

    Amla decides to try and reverse-sweep Tredwell. Just for a laugh, like. Gets it wrong a couple of times, so reverts to the punch down the ground for one.
  • Over 19 - South Africa 85/3 (Amla 45, De Villiers 33)

    Bowling all-rounder Bopara into the attack now, and almost with devastating effect. De Villiers survives a desperately close leg-before shout and is then beaten outside the off stump. The ball talking for Ravi as the floodlights take effect.
  • Over 18 - South Africa 82/3 (Amla 44, De Villiers 31)

    There are a couple more fielders in closer attendance now, so Amla drives inside out over extra-cover for four. Fair enough all round: Cook and Tredwell - who tossed that one up a bit - asked a question of the batsman and he had the answer.

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