Cheeky Punt

  • You've Scot to go!

    It's 'yes' to Scottish independence for Cheeky Punt after another bet blunder, while he's not happy with Rickie Fowler's moustache either.

    Tuesday July 22 2014, 10:49 BST
    Moustache kings: Fowler and Pearce
  • Betting heartache equals toothache

    World Cup betting heartache led to some serious toothache for our intrepid gambler, Cheeky Punt.

    Tuesday July 15 2014, 10:51 BST
    It was a case of what might have been for Messi, Argentina and Cheeky
  • Cheeky's tour de force

    Our Cheeky Punt takes a 'Tour' down memory lane during a week that ends on an 'appy note.

    Tuesday July 8 2014, 09:27 BST
    Alberto Contador (l) carries Cheeky's money in the Tour
  • Over and cash out

    Our Cheeky Punt ventured into the world of 'cashing out' one of his bets this week - with the usual disastrous consequences.

    Tuesday July 1 2014, 11:50 BST
    Cashing out is now on the list with ironing
  • My name is Cheeky

    Our Cheeky Punt was touched by the hand of Karma this week and his betting fortunes improved.

    Thursday June 26 2014, 09:36 BST
    Cheeky is a disciple of Sandra Bullock
  • No cause to celebrate labour day

    Our intrepid gambler Cheeky Punt is cruelly denied a welcome winner by his nephew as the World Cup gets underway.

    Tuesday June 17 2014, 09:47 BST
    Pitbull: 'Made Diana Ross' USA 94 cameo look thoroughly professional'
  • All burnt out

    Our intrepid gambler Cheeky Punt blogs on a BBQ, bus stop and being picked on by a five-year-old.

    Tuesday June 10 2014, 09:55 BST
    Cheeky went to a BBQ and got hot under the collar
  • The Wembley way

    Another torrid week for our intrepid Cheeky Punt was rescued by England's World Cup warm-up win over Peru.

    Tuesday June 3 2014, 10:16 BST
    Paddington Bear remains Peru's most successful export
  • An arrow to the heart

    Cheeky Punt needs more than a Tibetan Sound Massage to get his blood flowing as injury strikes a cruel blow.

    Tuesday May 27 2014, 09:44 BST
    Raymond van Barneveld rolled back the years 'in sickening fashion'
  • Blink and it's gone

    A miserable week on the betting front left our Cheeky Punt bemoaning "a tax on people who are bad at maths".

    Tuesday May 20 2014, 10:17 BST
    Tommy Haas: 'So old he has a picture of Moses in his school yearbook'
  • Hair today, gone tomorrow

    Eurovision's bearded winner left Cheeky Punt in a daze this week but he won his scissors-paper-stone battle with the police.

    Tuesday May 13 2014, 11:18 BST
    Cheeky Punt failed to get on Conchita Wurst at Eurovision
  • Cheeky ducks the issue

    Cheeky Punt was left with little cash once again and forced to confront some oversized wildfowl at his local park.

    Tuesday May 6 2014, 09:03 BST
    The size of the ducks were a cause for concern for Cheeky this week
  • Break dancing given new meaning

    Cheeky Punt witness a full blown dancefloor breakdown last Friday but had plenty to celebrate on the betting front.

    Tuesday April 29 2014, 09:23 BST
    Maria Sharapova: Fought back to land Cheeky a winner
  • Cheeky's race is run...

    Our Cheeky Punt lost a race with a pensioner on a scooter top round off a difficult Easter week.

    Tuesday April 22 2014, 09:50 BST
    Gareth Bale's wonder-strike ruined Easter week for Cheeky
  • Cheeky and the slip of shame

    Our Cheeky Punt has hit a new low - with a £3 correct score double now known as the 'slip of shame'.

    Tuesday April 15 2014, 09:24 BST
    Paul Ince's 1997 heroics; not dissimilar to Cheeky's drinking in Leeds
  • Bob Marley's top spot Taken

    Our maverick punter Cheeky Punt has a winner - for the worst bet of all-time - in his latest column.

    Tuesday April 8 2014, 10:27 BST
    Cheeky's 1/25 bet on The Undertaker was dead and buried
  • Cheeky left punch drunk - again

    A profitable cash-out, a Hales storm and unsanctioned fights - it's just another week in the life of our Cheeky Punt.

    Tuesday April 1 2014, 09:09 BST
    Martin Ward (r): Cut proved costly for Cheeky
  • Cheeky wagers infuriate Punt

    One man won £10,000 from a fiver, another backed Barcelona to win 4-3 - but neither was our Cheeky Punt.

    Friday March 28 2014, 14:27 GMT
    Barcelona's 4-3 win was no surprise to one Facebook user
  • President's advice reaps rewards

    Inspired by the late John F. Kennedy, Cheeky Punt ended another turbulent week on a high.

    Tuesday March 18 2014, 08:06 GMT
    As Ireland celebrated, so too did our Cheeky Punt
  • Belgium blow costs Cheeky

    Cheeky Punt endured a difficult week in the bookies and has some harsh words for Belgium after their football team let him down badly.

    Tuesday March 11 2014, 09:58 GMT
    Christian Benteke: Not popular with our man