Cheeky Punt

  • Sledge-hammer blow

    On a weekend of seismic FA Cup shocks, our Cheeky Punt was more concerned with soul singer Percy Sledge.

    Tuesday January 27 2015, 12:15 GMT
    Percy Sledge: 13 and out for Cheeky
  • Listen to Dr Cheeky

    Cheeky Punt banished the Blue Monday blues with a spot of aroma stone therapies and some heavy betting Down Under.

    Tuesday January 20 2015, 13:04 GMT
    Mark Allen came through for Cheeky
  • Goodbye cash, goodbye dignity

    Mistaken identity, foul language, wellington boots and punting woe - just another week in the life of the inimitable Cheeky Punt.

    Wednesday January 14 2015, 15:41 GMT
    Wayne Mardle, a dead ringer for Cheeky's lass?
  • Cheeky and the Chipmunks

    It was a case of New Year, same old story for our Cheeky Punt, who wasn't exactly enamoured of Christmas - or the films in his house.

    Tuesday January 6 2015, 11:57 GMT
    Twice as nice: It was double Christmas dinner for Cheeky
  • Wishing you a Cheeky Christmas

    Cheeky Punt reminisces about his grandad in WW1 but it wasn't long before punting fever gripped Chez Punt once again.

    Tuesday December 23 2014, 09:18 GMT
    Martin Skrtel ruined Cheeky's Sunday
  • Cheeky's road to hell

    Chris Rea was on Cheeky Punt's latest road to hell this week, one which ended with him helping out at a Saturday night drunk tank.

    Tuesday December 16 2014, 11:22 GMT
    Chris Rea: On Cheeky's road to hell this week
  • Hart-breaking week for Cheeky

    Our Cheeky Punt endured more torment courtesy of his football team last week before a winning double almost rescued him.

    Wednesday December 10 2014, 09:57 GMT
    Blyth's One Direction lookalikes knocked out Cheeky's Hartlepool
  • Making the impossible possible

    Man City's 'Mission Impossible' had Cheeky Punt cursing this week - and brought back memories of his 'mini Kievs' Christmas.

    Tuesday December 2 2014, 12:03 GMT
    Little Kun: Aguero left Cheeky seething
  • Cheeky's glimpse into the future

    Our Cheeky Punt did a good turn for the homeless but wasn't rewarded with any luck when he returned to life as a gambler.

    Tuesday November 25 2014, 10:04 GMT
    Chris Eubank Jr: The bet of the week says our man
  • The highs and the lows

    Siding with Andy Murray and Gibraltar proved bad decisions to say the least for Cheeky Punt last week, but it all came good in the end.

    Tuesday November 18 2014, 11:52 GMT
    A 7/4 shot to win, Murray claimed just a single game against Federer
  • Still up for the Cup

    The intrepid Cheeky Punt endured another up-and-down week of punting but his FA Cup dream remains alive.

    Tuesday November 11 2014, 10:28 GMT
    Could Cheeky be going all the way to Wembley?
  • Sing when you're winning

    Cheeky Punt was in clover after a cheeky birthday double but the celebrations were conducted through gritted teeth......

    Tuesday November 4 2014, 09:33 GMT
    Cameron Jerome helped Cheeky feel invincible
  • Rad turnaround a real problem

    Cheeky Punt began the week with the 'bet of the year' - and ended it with a 'terrifying' hangover. Same old...

    Tuesday October 28 2014, 09:10 GMT
    Agnieszka Radwanska's comeback was bad news for Cheeky
  • More hopes down the pan

    Another disastrous betting week for the kettle-less Cheeky Punt means he's still making his tea in a pan.

    Tuesday October 21 2014, 11:35 BST
    Dolgopolov: Not Cheeky's favourite player right now
  • Cheeky's international incident

    It is fair to say that our Cheeky Punt has had enough of betting on international football after yet another setback.

    Tuesday October 14 2014, 09:52 BST
    San Marino's national past time?
  • Character building

    Gambling can be character building and our Cheeky Punt has been bumping into plenty of them over the past week.

    Tuesday October 7 2014, 10:25 BST
    Spandau Ballet: Cheeky not finding it hard to write the next line. He'll be back next week
  • Can Cheeky break free?

    Cheeky Punt may just have seen the light this week - but not before watching a Freddie Mercury tribute act interrupt a wake.

    Tuesday October 7 2014, 10:26 BST
    Freddie Mercury: Pelted with scotch eggs (kind of)
  • Cheeky Punt: All at sea

    Cheeky Punt started the week with a last-gasp winner but ended it doing involuntarily impressions of a sea lion.

    Saturday September 27 2014, 09:12 BST
    Eden Hazard: Knocked over by Cheeky's vacuum cleaner
  • Patriotic Punt? Not our Cheeky

    Cheeky Punt was left seething at England last week - but at least he didn't back Cotai Glory.

    Tuesday September 16 2014, 11:17 BST
    It all went wrong for George Baker and Cotai Glory
  • No Angel delight for Cheeky Punt

    Cheeky Punt's winning run came to an end in Magaluf last week - but he still managed to purchase a dancing donkey.

    Tuesday September 9 2014, 09:34 BST
    Angel Di Maria: Cost Cheeky